About the Games Pro!

May 11, 2014 Editor 0

Welcome to!  I’m Rick Osgood, and back in 1974 I opened a traditional games store called Rick’s Darts & Games.  Since then, I’ve  played, […]

Domino X6 set


May 10, 2014 Rick 0

Dominoes is a table game played with numbered tiles.  Believed to have originated in the Orient, dominoes is especially popular in the southern United States […]

Darts in Soft-Tip Board


May 6, 2014 Editor 0

Darts refers to a type of game in which (typically) a pointed object is thrown at a target on a wall. There are many variations, […]

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Domino Racks

April 23, 2014 Rick 0

Domino games are played with rectangular tiles, which are manufactured in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  During domino play, each player lines up a […]

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Round-Corner Dice

March 22, 2014 Rick 0

Square-corner dice are the most common type, and are used in playing craps and most dice games played on large table-tops.  However, they do not […]

Bristle Dartboard

Dartboard Setup

February 17, 2014 Rick 0

Bristle dartboards are typically hung on a wall or backboard with a mounting bracket that allows it to rotate around the center.  The purpose of […]

Playing Card Holders

Card Holders

January 6, 2014 Rick 0

Card Holders make it easy to handle unwieldy large hands of cards, especially when playing games such as Hand & Foot, Bridge, or Canasta.  Using […]

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Casino Precision Dice

September 28, 2013 Rick 0

Casino quality dice, also called “Precision Dice”, also do no not have any holes drilled in them for the spots. Made of resilient plastic, they […]

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