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Playing Cards

Playing Cards are some of the most common and widely-traveled of all games. A deck of cards can generally fit in a pocket, hold up well in a variety of conditions, and the thousands of possible games allow for any number of players, from one to a dozen or so.
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Dice Games

Dice are among the oldest game pieces found in archaeological sites. The oldest are simply small bones, often knucklebones. Naturally having 4 or 6 more-or-less equal sides, and small enough to conveniently carry, bones required little or no madification to use as primitive dice.
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Travel Games

For our purposes, the category of Travel Games refers to games generally played to occupy families and children on trips.
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Darts refers to a type of game in which (typically) a pointed object is thrown at a target on a wall. There are many variations, a few of which of which do not strictly meet the definition above.
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