Stacy Bromberg

Stacy Bromberg 1956-2017

February 14, 2017 Rick 0

We’re sad to report the passing of one of America’s all-time greatest darters, Stacy Bromberg. She passed away Sunday evening, after many years of bravely […]

Clic Flight System

Clic Flight System

September 10, 2016 Rick 0

Darters all share the experience of breaking shafts & flights, then searching for more durable versions that still look good and perform well.  One recent […]

Bristle Dartboard

Bristle Dartboard Measurements

April 22, 2016 Rick 0

Traditional dartboards for steel-pointed darts are made of sisal fiber and wood, with steel wire or bands for separators between scoring areas. Before 1978, every […]

Darts in Soft-Tip Board


May 6, 2014 Editor 0

Darts refers to a type of game in which (typically) a pointed object is thrown at a target on a wall. There are many variations, […]

Bristle Dartboard

Dartboard Setup

February 17, 2014 Rick 0

Bristle dartboards are typically hung on a wall or backboard with a mounting bracket that allows it to rotate around the center.  The purpose of […]